Welcome to RoboKitchen 1.0, the world's first autonomous multi-dish cooking system for home use

Choose from over 300 specialty dishes from around the world as well as regional dishes across the USA!

Simply place the starting ingredients into various compartments located above each pot, press START COOKING on the LCD touchscreen, then watch the machine automatically prepare the recipe step-by-step just like a personal chef!

Imagine having a world class chef at home who can cook classic dishes from nearly every ethnic cuisine!


RoboKitchen autonomously cooks up to 2 dishes at a time!

No need to use an additional appliance to cook side dishes such as rice or vegetables. Our system will cook the entire meal for you at the push of a button!

Our system even includes a drain that automatically removes liquids after cooking such as pasta water. No need to manually pour pasta or rice into a strainer!

We are also able to simultaneously utilize our two pot system to prepare the most complicated specialty dishes such as Chinese-American orange chicken. Our multi-pot system even allows us to cook popular dishes in various ways including the traditional way, such as using pasta water rather than cream to cook authentic Italian fettuccine alfredo. Yet our system can also cook fettuccine alfredo the American way using heavy cream. No other cooking system in the world can do this!

Most of our dishes will only require you to place the starting ingredients in the containers above one pot, and no other action is required by you. For complicated dishes requiring two pots, you'll place the starting ingredients in the containers above both pots, and after that you'll typically just need to manually transfer the cooked contents of one pot to the other pot some time during the cooking process when instructed by the machine. Our system will take care of everything else!

RoboKitchen also offers semi-autonomous methods in preparing sandwiches, grilled meats, and desserts from around the world! From the classic American Philly cheesesteak to the croque monsieur of France to the gatsby of South Africa, we will help you prepare mouthwatering delicacies from around the world!

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Our mission is to expand your world and show you the greatest dishes from cuisines around the world. We will help you create world class specialty dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen!

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